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about tss




about tss

TSS Advertising launched its full-fledged Signage division in the year 2015. Adapting the changes around the globe, TSS has constantly been the face of the OOH media revolution transforming the way outdoor advertising is done and perceived. Today, TSS Advertising offers OOH Media Solutions, Event IPs and Advertising. Signage Division has facilities for Signage, 3D Letters, SS Lightbox, Back-Lit Sign, Acrylic & ACP Sign, Acrylic and 3D Logos, etc.

TSS Advertising owes its success in a big way to its emphasis on innovation, which is why we invest time, money and energy into developing innovation media solutions for our clients.

What sets TSS Advertising apart is that the company offers knowledge driven solutions for your brand. Our dedicated research team acquires all related data through various agencies. This data is then reviewed and analyzed to derive strong insights that are useful when developing advertising campaigns. Through industry analysis, competition monitoring, traffic count and much more, the research cell at TSS Advertising offers a scientific approach to developing, executing and evaluating the effectiveness of a campaign. With an unmatched expertise of having handled over thousands of campaigns, we are a repository of knowledge and insights across product categories.