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about tss




about tss

TSS Advertising Company is one of the growing indoor and outdoor advertising company in Middle East having branches in Jeddah, Riyadh, Dammam, Dubai, Jordan and Bahrain. Our Events and Exhibitions are known for excellence. We meet the challenge of helping advertisers to successfully reach their target with our high quality products.

TSS provides a wide range of indoor and outdoor graphic imaging solutions for retail stores, events, organizations and individuals. We are equipped with latest technology and quality machineries covering all aspects of advertising. We perform campaigns for luxury brands for their stores in the Middle East perfectly meeting the time schedule. Our product range to attract, connect and engage your customers includes window displays, instore graphics, pop stands, banners, sign boards, posters, photo images etc. We produce tradeshow displays, mall kiosks, pop ups and roll ups, magnetic signs, vehicle graphics, stickers and other imaged products. We make it with a passion.