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about tss


THARWAT AL SHARQAWI (TSS) Advertising Company was established in the year 2008 with a comprehensive and an extensive vision to cater the needs of the advertising industry in the Middle East. Currently, we provide full-scale advertising and marketing services to help our clients gain even a wider market share. We create customized marketing strategies for many of the leading brands that include Sephora, VaVaVoom, Debenhams, Paris Gallery, Wojooh and also some of the prominent FMCG brands.

Our company, with the help of our creative designing team, provides a wide range of indoor and outdoor graphic imaging solution for business organizations, events, exhibitions and individuals as well. We render a complete one-stop solution for your project. We take pride in offering our clients with high-quality products and services. We also have end-to-end advertising solutions from wall branding to vehicle branding.

Being one of the top five advertising companies in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, we always strive hard to meet our clients' expectations because we are the firm believers of the unwavering truth that customers' satisfaction is the key to long-term success.

Our growth within a short span of time is the evidence of the quality of the products we produce and the services we render. Our quality bespeaks the arsenal of our dedicated team members and our sophisticated working methods. What sets us apart from other advertising agencies is our knowledge-driven solutions for your brand. Our devoted research team, which is also our USP, acquires all related data through various agencies. This data is then reviewed and analyzed to derive strong insights that are useful when developing advertising campaigns.

Through industry analysis, competition monitoring, traffic count and much more, the research cell at TSS Advertising Co. offers a scientific approach to develop, execute and evaluate the effectiveness of a campaign. With an unmatched expertise of having handled over thousands of campaigns, we are a repository of knowledge and insights across product categories.

about tss
about tss
about tss
about tss

Our Vision

To be a leader globally in the businesses we operate by empowering our customers and enriching the lives of people.

Our Mission

Providing solutions to empower and enrich people and organizations.


It gives me great pleasure to welcome you to the website of TSS Advertising. I am delighted to have a creative and enthusing team who design and keep the portal live for our esteemed visitors to have an in-depth knowledge about the firm and its values. Although deeply rooted in Saudi Arabia, Tharwat Al Sharqawi Group aims to attain sustainable returns for its stakeholders across various sectors in the regional and international markets. Our relationships are based on values.

The Group has succeeded in establishing a world-class experience, sustainable growth and long-term value for our stakeholders. We have a broad prospect for growth, continued development, diversified assets, expansions in promising areas, sufficient resources, and organizations runs on core values. The Group will continue to promote strategic partnerships with investors.

I am happy to share that our organizations across different domains were succeeded in having great financial partnerships with international players in respective domain.

We are proud of our values which keeps us growing despite the turmoil that swept the regional and international markets. We have been taking advantage from our investment strategies through different domains and geographies with our talented team.

We think, it is important to have core values which can change the lives of people around you.

I take this opportunity to express our deep gratitude for the everlasting support and guidance we receive from the governments and our clients in this endeavor.

Tharwat Al Sharqawi

Chairman | TSS Advertising Company


TSS Advertising Company was established with a vision to cater the needs of advertisers to connect with buyers in an innovative and meaningful way with quality advertising solutions.

With creative and committed team on board and seamless support from the advertisers, we are happy to be one of the leader in the industry and growing consistently.

At TSS Advertising, we believe that all business ventures must ease the lives of people. We help them see products which can ease their lives. We bridge bondage between the community and brands.

We have been serving our proud clients across the GCC for about a decade as their trusted advertisement partner.

Today, with six branches across the region, we are marching ahead to our vision to be the largest advertisement company in the region.

Our success is founded on a very simple philosophy: we honor our commitment to all our stakeholders and make a significant contribution to the clients, communities and countries that we serve. We are also happy to enhance the lives of people from different countries who are employed with us directly and indirectly..

We want to change people's lives for the better by providing them opportunities and by creating an environment that drives efficiency and productivity.

Welcome aboard. Let’s do it together!

Abdul Nameer

Managing Director | TSS Advertising Company



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